Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide online consultations via applications such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Meet, Botim, etc. In order to make an appointment for an online consultation you need to book a date by phone: +48 22 400 33 44 or +48 666 668 828 or by email: kancelaria@sawickiwspolnicy.pl

Each case requires an individual approach, which is why we always provide an initial list of documents when booking a consultation appointment.

In the case of online consultations, the documents should preferably be submitted by email before the meeting to the following email address: kancelaria@sawickiwspolnicy.pl

During the initial consultation, copies, photos or scans of documents are sufficient – however, they must be legible. After the case analysis, we inform the Client which documents should be presented in the original in order to make copies and certify their compliance with the original. In some cases we may use only the original documents. In other cases, after making copies, the originals are returned to the Client.

After an initial analysis of the case during a meeting, we inform you of all possible solutions and the costs of the case. 


Then we conclude an agreement based on which our law firm takes care of the further handling of the case.

We provide legal assistance in Polish and also in English, Russian and Ukrainian, which greatly facilitates communication with foreign Clients.

Yes, we provide services for Clients from the entire Poland, as well as from abroad.

Yes, we represent our Clients before courts and authorities all over the country.

The duration of the case in each case is different and does not depend solely on the lawyers. Once we are familiar with the details of the particular case, we will inform you of the estimated duration of the proceedings.

In every case in which we represent our Clients, we also deal with the receipt and handling of correspondence.

No, the Law Office does not provide such services. We work in close cooperation with accountants, translators, notaries and other entrepreneurs who provide the aforementioned services to our Clients.

No, the Law Office does not provide placement services.

The payment model is always individually established with each Client. Before entrusting us with a case we inform our Client about the costs of its conduct, which usually include the remuneration of the Law Office and court and administrative fees, which are additional costs not included in the price of legal services.


It is possible to pay by cash and card (only in the office) as well as by bank transfer. At the Client’s request we issue VAT invoices.


In individual cases it is possible to spread the payment of remuneration into instalments.