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Companies – introduction

A team of experienced lawyers at the Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy provides comprehensive legal services for business entities. We support entrepreneurs at all stages of their business activities. We take an individual approach to each case, as we know how important it is to understand our Clients’ needs. 

Thanks to many years of experience, the services we offer enable us to effectively achieve the set business objectives. We continuously track all changes in the field of commercial and economic law in order to efficiently react and adjust solutions to the changing reality.  

We provide legal services including:

  • establishment of companies
  • legal services to companies,
  • preparation of business contracts,
  • representation in court and out-of-court proceedings,
  • representation at shareholders’ meetings,
  • transformations, mergers and acquisitions of companies,
  • liquidation of companies.

We encourage you to use the services of the Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy – we will comprehensively deal with any matter related to the establishment, functioning and liquidation of a company.

Establishment of companies

Our team of lawyers and experts provides legal services including setting up companies. We offer professional and comprehensive assistance in choosing an appropriate legal and tax form of activity, depending on the Clients’ needs. We listen to their needs and, based on our knowledge and experience, we provide advice.

It is worth knowing that registration of a company requires preparation of relevant documentation, as well as fulfilment of a number of formal obligations. Expert support lawyers of our law firm, experienced in the implementation of company formation services – will guarantee effective implementation of the project in the shortest possible time. 

We offer entrepreneurs two ways to set up a company:

  • in simplified procedure – registration of the company takes place via the Internet through the S 24 system,
  • in an ordinary way – conclusion of the articles of association takes place at a notary’s office.

We invite you to contact Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy. We will make every effort to meet all expectations of our clients in terms of professional legal services.

Legal services for companies

A team of lawyers from Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy advises entities operating on the market on day-to-day corporate services, supporting the company and its bodies in day-to-day operations. 

Our activities include the preparation of:

  • amendments to company contracts,
  • documentation related to shareholders’ meetings, meetings of management boards and supervisory boards,
  • internal acts regulating the operation of company bodies.

We provide services consisting in advising on increasing or decreasing a company’s share capital, exclusion of a shareholder, redemption of shares. In addition, we prepare resolutions on changes to company bodies, agreements on the sale of shares, as well as prepare applications to the National Court Register.

obsługa spółek

Our team of experienced lawyers, with their individual approach to each Client and its business, can effectively support the entity’s activity both on transactional and procedural grounds. The model of constant cooperation with our law firm guarantees that we constantly monitor the legal situation of our Clients and immediately inform them about the necessity to take specific actions, e.g. connected with changes in the law, exceeding a certain level of turnover or introduction of new products or services. 

On the basis of applicable regulations, we also advise on the preparation of management reports, annual financial statements, or the preparation of shareholders’ resolutions and other corporate documents.

We provide comprehensive services for companies. We advise clients at every stage of their activity. We encourage you to take advantage of our professional legal services

Drafting of business contracts 

Our law firm offers the service of drafting business contracts, which are one of the basic elements in trade between professional entities. Proper drafting of an agreement guarantees entrepreneurs that their interests will be protected and that their claims will be effectively pursued in court. Thanks to many years of experience in rendering services to business entities and the knowledge of Clients’ industries, our lawyers draw up agreements which effectively secure the planned business objectives as well as our Client’s intentions.

The services of Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy include:

  • drafting contracts, 
  • reviewing contracts presented by Clients,
  • negotiating the content of contracts on behalf of Clients.

In addition, we check whether the terms of the agreements are favourable to our clients and make appropriate amendments to the documents, if necessary. 

We also supervise and draw up corporate documents and other agreements, including but not limited to management contracts, shareholder agreements and member agreements. We invite you to take advantage of our services, now also online.

Representation in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings 

A team of lawyers at Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy provides services in representation of clients in court and out-of-court proceedings.

Within the scope of the proposed range of services, we develop an effective litigation strategy and advise on optimal solutions in both court and out-of-court disputes arising in the field of commercial and civil law, including, inter alia, disputes between shareholders. 

We offer our clients legal assistance in:

  • mediation, 
  • legal representation.

We provide support in administrative proceedings, in all instances throughout the country.

Our legal representation services include, but are not limited to:

  • analysis of the factual and legal situation,
  • preparation of a strategy for conducting a given case, 
  • drafting pleadings, 
  • participation in hearings,
  • determining the merits of appeals.

Our lawyers will deal with each case comprehensively – they will listen, analyse, advise and solve any problem that arises on legal grounds.

Representation at shareholders’ meetings 

Our lawyers represent clients at shareholders’ meetings.

We prepare for our clients draft notices of meetings of company bodies and agendas, and we coordinate and conduct meetings of company bodies. 

In addition, our services also include representing shareholders at shareholders’ meetings in accordance with our client’s guidelines. 

We also provide:

  • taking minutes of meetings and resolutions passed by company bodies at meetings,
  • preparing documentation necessary for filing with the National Court Register.

We have extensive professional experience – you are welcome to use our services of Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy. 

Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions of companies 

Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy provides legal services in the area of mergers, acquisitions and company transformations, which are becoming an increasingly common method for businesses to optimise their business models or obtain funds for their operations. These processes are often of strategic importance for the development of business entities and determine the use of their full potential. Making the right decisions at the stage of preparation and implementation of corporate changes is crucial for the effective execution of the process. Extensive experience in the operation of companies on the market allows our lawyers to effectively provide services in the field of legal transformations of business entities.

The activities carried out by our lawyers in this area consist in particular of:

  • conducting legal due diligence of commercial law companies, 
  • advice on the selection of optimum legal solutions,
  • support in negotiations concerning terms and conditions of prepared processes,
  • preparation of necessary documents,
  • support of information activities addressed to employees and business partners,
  • support of registration proceedings.

Zachęcamy do kontaktu z nami. The professional experience of our lawyers translates into a reliable approach to client matters. We encourage you to contact us.

Winding-up of companies

Our team of lawyers provides services in the field of liquidation of companies. We assist at each stage of the proceedings, i.e., from filing the liquidation report to the registry court, through preparation of relevant documents and undertaking specified actions (e.g., termination of the company’s current affairs) to the application for deletion of the company from the register.

Liquidation of companies covers both partnerships and companies with share capital. The main aim of the liquidation proceedings is to terminate the activity and all affairs of the company, as well as to cash the assets belonging to the company. We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and extensive experience. Lawyers of Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy will efficiently conduct liquidation of a company.

The above are only examples of basic legal services provided by the team of lawyers and experts of Kancelaria Adwokacka Sawicki i Wspólnicy in the area of commercial law and company law. Our offer also includes other services, which cannot be listed here due to the fact that business law covers a wide range of regulations. We encourage you to use the services of our law firm. We invite you to contact us.

What do we specialize in?

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Corporate services

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