Criminal law

The goal of Sawicki & Partners law office in Warsaw is to provide comprehensive legal services in the area of criminal law. Our professional team of lawyers offers immediate assistance, securing the interests of our clients. We handle criminal cases at every stage of the proceedings.

Support and legal assistance of the law office

Our support includes assistance and operation during preliminary investigation, proceedings before the court of first instance, appeal proceedings, as well as during extraordinary and executive proceedings. Additionally, ensuring the comprehensiveness of our services, we represent our Clients before law enforcement agencies, courts and executive authorities. Throughout the proceedings we undertake all possible measures to secure the welfare of our Clients.

Our activities also include:

  • preparation of relevant motions and pleadings,
  • representation at every stage of criminal proceedings,
  • providing our Clients with current information.


We maintain the highest quality and effectiveness of our services and constantly improve our competences. We are aware that the time during which the proceedings are conducted requires well-considered and cautious steps, therefore we approach each case individually, analyzing it thoroughly. We also provide assistance in case of applying preventive measures, such as arrest, prohibition, supervision, etc.

We provide legal assistance in the field of criminal law. Sawicki & Partners Law Office team, consisting of experienced lawyers specializing in criminal law, makes every effort to protect the safety and interests of our clients. Please feel free to contact our law office in Warsaw.

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Over 10 years of experience and expertise of Sawicki & Partners Law Office in Warsaw allow us to conduct even the most difficult criminal cases.

We pay particular attention to assisting our clients in cases where immediate action is necessary. In particular, in the case of arrests and proceedings for the application of a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention.

The aim of our law office is to provide professional support to clients at every stage of criminal, criminal fiscal and misdemeanor proceedings, that is:

  • the preliminary investigation – at this stage, the law enforcement authority aims to identify the perpetrator and secure evidence.


  • proceedings before the first instance court:
    • transitional proceedings – at this stage, the court exercises formal and substantive control over the indictment and considers the evidence motions submitted by the lawyers and decides on precautionary measures,
    • the main trial – at this stage the court conducts organizational and organizational activities, conducts evidentiary proceedings, gives the floor to the parties and, as a rule, announces the judgment,
    • final actions – at this stage, the court issues orders to supplement or modify the judgment, if necessary, and serves copies of the judgment
  • appeal proceedings – at this stage the court considers an appeal against a judgment or a complaint against a decision. The court may reverse, modify the appealed decision or judgment or refuse to accept, reject and uphold the appealed decision or judgment.


  • extraordinary proceedings:
    • the cassation – a cassation appeal may be filed against a final judgment of an appeal court ending the proceedings, and against a final decision of an appeal court in the event of an absolute ground for reversal of the judgment or other gross violation of law, if it could have had a significant impact on the judgment or decision,
    • the application for the resumption of proceedings – an application for the resumption of proceedings may be submitted if new facts or evidence indicating that the convicted person did not commit the act are revealed, when the Constitutional Court issues a judgement regarding the basis of the conviction, or a judgement is made by an international body and the need to resume proceedings arises,
    • the appeal against the judgment of the appeal court – at this stage the Supreme Court considers the appeal against the cassation judgment of the court of second instance, which refers the case for retrial.
    • executive proceedings – at this stage, the enforcement function is fulfilled, consisting in the execution of final convictions and in removing the consequences of the conviction and mitigating its legal consequences.
  • We represent clients before:
    • law enforcement authorities:
      • the Police,
      • the District Prosecution Office, Regional Prosecution Office, Provincial Prosecution Office,
      • the Central Anti-corruption office,
      • the Internal Security Agency,
      • the Border Guard,
      • the Customs and Fiscal Administration,
    • courts:
      • common courts,
      • the Supreme Court,
    • executive proceedings authorities:
      • the first instance court,
      • the Penitentiary Court,
      • the director of a prison, the director of a detention centre, the district director and the Director General of the Prison Service,
      • the Head of the Tax Office.
  • The team of professional attorneys provides legal assistance through:
    • drafting pleadings:
      • motions for amending or revoking preventive measures in the form of temporary arrest, financial guarantee, social guarantee, police surveillance, prohibition on leaving the country, securing a passport,
      • motions for return of the secured items, order to vacate the premises occupied jointly with the wronged party, police surveillance combined with a prohibition on contact with the wronged party or a prohibition on visiting specific places,
      • applications for the discontinuance of proceedings, for the conditional discontinuance of proceedings, for the voluntary submission to criminal liability, for the judgment of conviction without an evidentiary hearing, 
      • preparation of appeals – appeals, complaints, cassation appeals, motions for resumption of proceedings, objections against default judgments, objections against injunction judgments, motions for discontinuance of proceedings in the case of compensation for damage or harm suffered by the perpetrator,
      • offence notification, complaints against decisions on refusal to initiate proceedings or decisions to discontinue investigation,
      • motions for deferment and suspension of imprisonment and for conditional early release from serving the remainder of the sentence, for imposition of joint judgments, cancellation or division into instalments of fines, releases from serving the sentence of restriction of liberty and recognition of its execution.
    • participation in proceedings as:
      • defense counsel for a suspect, defense counsel for a defendant, defense counsel for a convicted defendant, attorney for a witness, civil plaintiff, attorney for a victim, attorney for an intervenor, attorney for an alternative plaintiff, attorney for an alternative liability person.


Types of cases in which our lawyers provide legal assistance:

  • crimes against life and health:
    • driving under the influence of alcohol
    • causing health disorder,
    • participation in a fight or battery, exposure to loss of life or health,
    • offences against the safety of communication,
    • causing a traffic accident,
    • driving a car, motorcycle, bicycle under the influence of alcohol or intoxication, 
  • crimes against credibility of documents:
    • forgery of documents,
    • false certification,
  • other crimes and offenses:
    • drug possession,
    • drug trafficking,
  • property crimes:
    • theft,
    • burglary,
    • robbery,
    • armed robbery,
    • extortion,
    • misappropriation
  • economic criminal cases:
    • acting to the detriment of the company,
    • financial fraud,
    • bribery,
  • criminal fiscal cases:
    • fiscal crimes and offences against customs obligations and rules of foreign trade in goods and services:
      • extortion of customs permits,
      • customs smuggling,
      • customs fraud,
      • violation of the temporary admission procedure,
      • change of use of goods,
      • removal of goods from customs supervision,
      • fencing,
    • tax crimes and fiscal offences against tax obligations and settlements of grants or subsidies:
      • failure to disclose the object of taxation,
      • tax fraud,
      • failure to keep books,
      • unreliable or defective books,
      • failure to issue invoices or bills,
      • trading without excise stamps,
      • fencing excise stamps,
      • forgery of excise stamps,
      • unjustified tax refund,
      • undue reimbursement of expenses,
      • failure to pay the tax collected,
      • failure to collect tax,
      • neglect of tax information,
    • other crimes:
      • compensation for wrongful arrest, pre-trial detention or conviction,
      • European Arrest Warrant cases,
      • public order offences.


The above mentioned are only basic legal services provided by a team of lawyers and experts of Sawicki & Partners Law Office in Warsaw in the area of criminal law. Our offer also includes other services, which are impossible to list due to the fact that criminal law covers an extremely wide range of regulations. 

We are at full disposal of our clients from all over Poland. Please feel free to contact our lawyers by phone or in person. We also encourage you to take advantage of online consultations.

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